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Anguilla Getaway

You have the option to board one of our fast open power boats for a trip of a lifetime.

The trip of a lifetime 

You have the option to board one of our fast open power boats for a trip of a lifetime

We start the day at 09.00 from our office located at Three Palm Plaza, Colebay (behind Domino’s Pizza) and introduce you to the Simpson Bay lagoon while cruising towards the French side.

We leave the bay of Marigot behind us and head over towards our main destination: the stunning beaches of Anguilla!

During the day we will visit 4 different stops.

The beautiful little island in front of Anguilla is called Sandy Island, where you can do some snorkeling, swim, or enjoy the beach. The snorkeling spot of the island is Little Bay, spot some turtles or if you are not into snorkeling (and are brave enough) you can experience some cliff jumping.

The breathtaking beach Shoal Bay is one of the highlights of the day. Wander around the beach, enjoy some more snorkeling or just hang out in the water enjoying our open bar.

For lunch we have a freshly made sandwich lunch with fruit and chips. To top it off we will also visit Meads Bay, another beautiful beach located in the middle of the Anguilla Marina Park.

After this unforgettable day we head back to Sint Maarten with a big smile on your face and be back at the dock around 16.00.

Tour include:
  • OPEN BAR (juice, sodas, beers, rum punch, water)
  • Freshly made sandwiches with chips and apple
  • Snorkeling gear and flotation, adult and children sizes (assistance and instructions available)
Tour Starts: 9:00 am at Palm Plaza, Simpson Bay. (behind Domino’s pizza) back at 3:45 pm. What to bring:
  • swimming dress
  • suntan lotion
  • towels
  • beach bag

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Price : $135 + $25 immigration fee and surcharges/ person
Kids 2 – 6 years : $125 + $25 immigration fee and surcharges/ Person


Best Snorkeling Spots

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You will enjoy every minute of it.

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Amazing Snorkeling Spots

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Time for a sun tan!

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