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Snorkeling Guide & Tips

Here comes a little help to all snorkeling lovers or beginers who planning to do some adventures with us.
Tips where to go and what to see on the most popular snorkeling sites on the island.

First of course you have to make sure using the right equipment in the water. Always recommended if you have your own gear but if you don’t no worries. On our boat high quality snorkeling gear available in all sizes for free of charge.

Mask Cleaning: Scrub a mask inside of the glass lens with plain white toothpaste to remove dirt. Use a tooth brush to remove any toothpaste stuck in the corners.

If you forgot that at home here comes the next TIP: Spit into your clean dry mask, rub it around rinse it and go. And or course you can buy many great anti de-fog product in your local scuba shop. About the fins make sure they not to small (can hurt you in short time) or not to slack (can give a cramp to your foot)

For Your Safety: DO NOT TOUCH anything in the water. Unless you can catch a fish.

Snorkeling Sites:

  • Tintamarre Island: one of the most popular snorkeling site . Almost guaranteed you will bump into some Turtles while you there. Lots of tropical fish and a nice small reef which you can easily access from the beach. A must see one.
  • Creole Rock: very rich in tropical fish you feel like in an aquarium. Also many different types of corall encrustation. If you not a very experienced swimmer don’t go around stay in the leeward side.
  • Baie Rouge: you can start from the beach very rich in corals and all kind of fish. Very large site need at least 1.5 to discover all. Also dependable on weather condition.
  • Little bay: No corals but an old submarine and a few cannon from the 16 century makes it very special. Artificial reef with many sergeant majors.
  • Mullett Bay: look out for sting rays or eagle rays coming to visit the bay. Poor in coral rich in Yellowtail Snappers .
    Pinel Island: very good spot for beginers because of shallow water .Lots of colorful fish, soft and hard corals.

Of course there is many other site available numerous to mention. Our experience says some of this the must see while you here. Obviously all depends on weather conditions.

Best Snorkeling Spots

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You will enjoy every minute of it.

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Amazing Snorkeling Spots

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Time for a sun tan!

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